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Dunton, Simmons & Dunton LLP has a long history of litigating cases and handling appeals  throughout Virginia.  Its Litigation Practice area is represented by David Hudgins, who focuses on civil matters, and Beth Hurd, who focuses on criminal, guardian ad litem and family law matters.  Our litigation attorneys represent clients in the legal subject areas handled by the Firm, as outlined in this website.  


Most recently, the Firm has represented individuals and businesses in civil matters including contract disputes, business entity disputes, land disputes, employment disputes, personal injury, and trust and estate disputes.  The Firm represents clients in administrative proceedings, mediation, arbitration, civil trials and appeals.


The Firm currently represents individuals in trials for criminal, traffic and guardian ad litem matters, foreclosures, and family law, including divorce, paternity, custody, and property settlement.  

Contact David Hudgins (civil), or Beth Hurd (criminal, traffic, guardian ad litem, foreclosure, and family law) to discuss your needs.

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