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Nancyellen Keane has advised government clients about the processes by which new laws and regulations are adopted, interpretation of laws and regulations, the manner and means of enforcement, and what constitutes compliance with laws and regulations.  Over her career, she has represented the Commonwealth of Virginia, its agencies and boards, municipalities and counties in a host of matters, including, in several  engagements as general counsel, state procurement (and public/private partnerships), contract, employment, intellectual property, governance and procedure, zoning and land use, drafting legislation, administrative law and litigation.


In addition, she has represented individuals and businesses nationwide in regulatory, administrative and litigation matters adverse to states and localities in tax matters, product registration and licensing, state procurement protests and appeals, zoning and land use matters.


  • Advises elected and appointed officials on governance and procedure, freedom of information, conflicts of interest, confidentiality, zoning, land use, regulatory compliance, and interpretation and enforcement of law and regulations

  • Advises elected and appointed officials regarding the Chesapeake Bay Protection Act and its application in various jurisdictions

  • Presents orientation and training for elected and appointed officials

  • Drafts legislation, including ordinances, resolutions, motions, policies, by-laws

  • Represents governing bodies in administrative and judicial proceedings

  • Advises businesses and individuals on enforcement issues, and represents them in administrative or judicial proceedings.

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