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Dunton, Simmons & Dunton LLP drafts and negotiates agreements, including sales, purchase, lease and license of goods and services.  This includes real estate leases, equipment, hardware, software, and development agreements.  Are you the owner of rental property?  When was the last time you revised your lease agreement?  Are you purchasing, selling, leasing or licensing  equipment or services?  Oyster leases?  Agricultural or marine construction equipment?  Fleet of vehicles? Boat slips?  Do you know exactly what you are buying?  Have you correctly defined what you are selling or leasing? Do you know whether the terms of the agreement you were given are standard for the particular transaction? Are you the one in the transaction that should draft the agreement?  Should you form a new entity to purchase, sell, lease or license the goods or services? Do you need employment, non-competition or confidentiality agreements for current or future employees?


Contact Nancyellen Keane or John Hodges to discuss an upcoming transaction in order to maximize your business opportunity.

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