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Historic Middlesex County Courthouse, Saluda, Virginia. Built 1852.


Few things are are stressful and life changing as a divorce. Nothing is more wrenching than a dispute over support and responsible parenting for your child. 

Dunton, Simmons & Dunton provides family law services when things already have gone wrong and just as importantly when things seem to be going right. We can help with everything from drafting prenuptial, separation, and post-nuptial agreements, to representing clients in divorce, custody, property division and support matters.

Partner Elizabeth B. Hurd leads our family law practice and is widely recognized as the preeminent domestic relations attorney on Northern Neck and one of the best in the commonwealth. 

An Integrated Approach

We are deeply committed to providing complete client services so Beth and our other domestic relations lawyers also coordinates with our corporate and estate planning practices to assist with family law matters that affect clients' business, professional, and taxation affairs. 

Whether you are in a family storm are trying to steer around one, call us to find out how we can help.

Call now and see how Beth can help you.

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