Robert O. Norris Bridge

Completed in 1957, this gateway to Northern Neck replaced a ferry crossing that had operated since the 1600's. Photographed from the mouth of Carter's Creek,

Weems, Virginia.

Merry Point Goose
Route 3 Sunrise
Northern Neck Snow
Rappahannock Sunset
Morning Field
Wood Duck Box
White Stone Field
Goose Nap
Near Orchard Point
Snowy Drive
Devil's Bottom Swan
Working Birds
Chairs by the River
Corgi Sunrise
Pelican Duet
Corrotoman Geese
Norris Bridge from Weems
Great White Egret
Mixed Double
Old Paint
Snowy Decoys
Snowy Lane
Wicomico River
April Field
Rawleigh's Barn
Osprey Nest
Verville Field in Spring
Redwing at Dusk
Autumn Field

“Had I not been born in the Northern Neck of Virginia – an unbearable thought! – I might ask, who is this happy band of watermen?


Some of their forebears, no doubt, sailed up the bay with Capt. John Smith in 1607, and surely agreed with him that, ‘Heaven and earth never agreed to better to frame a place for man's habitation.’ Some ancestors sailed from the West country ports of England and settled along the Bay. 


These watermen spoke their own tongue. It was the tongue of the Northern Neck – the tongue that Shakespeare spoke, modified to their own uses.”

                                                                                                      --C. Jackson Simmons

After nine decades, our law firm has become part of the Northern Neck landscape.

Our founders were all born here. Most of our attorneys though have been drawn here by the singularity, beauty and sheer pleasantness of the place.


No one loved Northern Neck more than our revered partner, C. Jackson Simmons. Jack, whose family  traced its Northern Neck roots to the 17th century, was a lover of history and language and most of all, the richness of local culture. He was a frequent author and public speaker, often reflecting on the charm of what he called "our moated Eden." We honor his memory and celebrate Northern Neck by quoting from his remarks at a blessing of the fleet ceremony in Reedville, and by sharing a few photographs taken in our own incomparable backyard.


All photographs copyrighted by Blackthorn Images, 2014-2019. Used with permission.