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Your employees are essential to your business. As a business owner, you owe it to them and to yourself to make responsible decisions in a world that often seems tangled in regulation.

Dunton, Simmons and Dunton provides locally based employment law solutions for employers of every size. We can help with things as simple as an employee handbook, as complicated as wage and hour guidance, or as challenging as claims of discrimination.


We have helped dozens of businesses develop, implement and enforce effective employment policies and then to monitor their enforcement. We offer a reasonably priced introductory plan that provides employers with a legal evaluation of their current practices and solid suggestions concerning how to improve them and conduct periodic future reviews.

If an employer already has developed employment law problem, our trial attorneys are ready to help. We are particularly proud of our record of resolving difficult employee disputes quickly before they become more challenging.

Our employment law services are just one more way that we have helped businesses prosper for almost 90 years.

Partner Stan Murphy leads our Employment Law practice. Call him now for an appointment.