Commissioner Of Accounts

Commissioner of Accounts
Circuit Court of Lancaster County

Commissioners of Accounts are quasi-judicial officers, charged primarily with review and supervision of certain fiduciaries' accounts, including executors and administrators of the estates of decedents, conservators of incapacitated persons, conservators and trustees for minors, and trustees under Deeds of Trust in foreclosure. Commissioners of Accounts are appointed by the Circuit Court Judges for the jurisdiction to which the Commissioner is assigned. More detailed information about the requirements for reporting to the Commissioner of Accounts is available on the Internet, and often provided to fiduciaries by the Clerks of Court when the fiduciaries are qualified.

For Lancaster County, Virginia, the Commissioner of Accounts is:

Craig H. Smith
678 Rappahannock Drive
P.O. Box 5
White Stone, VA 22578
(804) 435-4000

The Assistant Commissioner of Accounts is:

Francis A. Burke
48 S. Main Street
P.O. 1801
Kilmarnock, VA 22482
(804) 436-4039